"If you’d like to discover the best well-kept secret in well-being, have some conversations with Flavia." - Alice

“Before I met Flavia and learned about the inside-out nature of life, I suffered from depression for many years and had tried many therapies. It wasn’t until I learned about the principles behind healthy psychological functioning that I realised I had the capacity to keep calm and clear headed in the midst of pressure and stressful circumstances. This understanding has been a game-changer for me.” - Corporate Financier

Flavia gave an impactive presentation at The Metropolitan Police wellbeing event in January 2020. It was clear that she understood her audience and approached this topic in such a positive way. Flavia connected with the staff and officers and her inspiration was clear through the first rate feedback from individuals. She excelled in this large group environment and presented relevant information that had immediate impact.” - Diversity, Well-being and Recruitment, The Metropolitan Police

“We consider Flavia an essential part of our well-being days. Her seminars are relevant to individuals and supervisors working in any busy, high demand workspace, seeking to understand mental well-being. Feedback was entirely positive from attendees, I highly recommend Maya Empowerment.” - Detective Superintendent, The Metropolitan Police Service

"Flavia has been so incredibly inspirational to our family. Learning about the Three Principles and understanding the role our thinking plays in our lives is the key to life! I have talked with my family in detail about it and also helped my mother and sister about not taking things personally and it changed both their problems immediately. I feel so lucky to have found Flavia and our whole family has and will greatly benefit from her tremendous knowledge and great wisdom, I can’t thank her enough." - Antonia

“The jewel in the crown for me about working with Flavia was the introduction to The Three Principles and the work of Sydney Banks. This understanding is truly life-changing and enables one to completely reset one’s approach to life and the world we live in. Many programmes make this claim, but very few actually deliver.” - Mark

"We were introduced to Flavia by a mutual friend, who reported very positively on the work she had done with teenagers and adults to strengthen their resilience and self-esteem. It was the very start of lockdown and we thought that these would be useful resources for our three teenage boys, given the uncertainty around GCSEs and A levels. They each went through Flavia’s programme via Zoom, in our case individually although group sessions are possible. They were all extremely positive about it and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others with teenagers, particularly during these very uncertain times. Before unleashing Flavia on our boys, my wife and I thought we’d better sample the goods ourselves. As a result, I would also thoroughly recommend the programme to anyone of any age who might experience anxiety, insecurity or self-doubt. The principles that Flavia teaches are fundamental and valuable to everyone of any age or background - genuinely good for all seasons.” - Daniel

"Flavia is one of life's true gems. Two years ago my daughter was suffering with crippling anxiety, which culminated in her not being able to go to school. We had already tried endless sessions of CBT and counselling and had given Lucy the label 'Highly Sensitive'. Things continued to get worse until we met Flavia. We had a few sessions where Flavia introduced us to the understanding of Innate Health and the Principles behind life. This was the first thing that made sense to Lucy and I watched as she would settle into a lovely feeling during these sessions. Flavia has a natural ability to engage with people of all ages and build an instant rapport. Lucy always felt safe and comfortable and looked forward to our meetings. This was the polar opposite to the 'therapies' which seemed to only heighten her anxiety. It was as though she knew we were looking in the wrong direction. I had been carrying around beliefs and labels and was unable to see Lucy’s innate health and well-being and had lost sight of her unbreakable spirit. She is now back at school and loving life again. Thank you, Flavia, for pointing us in the right direction." - Kate

“Flavia’s work is a privilege and a gift that few encounter at any stage, let alone when in pre-teens or teens - what a strength to carry this knowledge through the entire lifespan! Maya Empowerment enables participants to become active co-creators of the future - not just for themselves, but for all.” - Gillies