Flavia Dalzell Payne

Flavia is a Three Principles Practitioner and a certified facilitator of the world-renowned Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life (for adults) and Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! (for youth) empowerment programmes.

Flavia’s programme, Infinite Possibilities: Wisdom & Well-Being, is a derivative of the above adult programme, sharing The Three Principles understanding (the foundations of mental well-being) from the work of Sydney Banks.

The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought offer a new paradigm in mental health, a.k.a. the “inside-out” psychological paradigm, that is helping thousands of people around the world awaken to their innate mental health and resilience.

The true diagnosis of the human psychological condition: Innately Healthy. The one cause of mental distress (despite the 800+ diagnoses in the literature): distressing thinking taken seriously over time without understanding. The true cure: understanding that we are spiritual beings always using the gifts of Mind, Consciousness and Thought to create our experience. We can create anything, and let anything go.
- Dr Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD


Flavia has worked in the corporate world for twenty-five years: for the National Securities and Research Corporation in New York; The Economist Group in Vienna; Artemis (Fine Arts) Group and Korn/Ferry International in London; and for fifteen years for Senn Delaney, ultimately as their Business Development Director, EMEA. Senn Delaney is an international consulting firm focused on transforming corporate cultures to enhance the spirit and performance of organisations through changing the behaviours and mindsets of leaders and teams.

Flavia’s work is a privilege and a gift that few encounter at any stage, let alone when in pre-teens or teens – what a strength to carry this knowledge though the entire lifespan! Maya Empowerment enables participants to become active co-creators of the future – not just for themselves, but for all.

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities is a revolutionary, life-changing programme based on the New York Times bestselling book ‘Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams’ by Mike Dooley.

Infinite Possibilities was developed in 2010 and first delivered in the Orange County Jail in Florida. Inmates volunteered to attend weekly sessions as a part of a daily programme that offered a variety of instructional tools, workshops, and learning material to help them deal more effectively with life and make better choices upon their release. The success of the programme led to it being expanded by creating a Certification Programme to train individuals to take the teachings out into all areas of society.

Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! is the youth version of the programme that began in 2015 in Columbus, Ohio through the Dowd Education Center and the Homeless Families Foundation and has grown to serve thousands of young people worldwide.

In 2017 I Believe in ME! expanded its reach to include many non-profit, at-risk youth organisations globally, including: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America; After School All Stars (provides comprehensive after-school programmes that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life); the 'I Have A Dream' Foundation; orphanages in Costa Rica, Zimbabwe and Nigeria; and Carefronting Nigeria, which works with populations in war-torn areas to assist with trauma and non-violent resolution.

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