Transforming Lives to Create a Brighter Future

Maya Empowerment is a private coaching resource created by Flavia Dalzell Payne for individuals seeking change and empowerment.

Whether coaching, mentoring or facilitating group sessions, Flavia teaches psychological Creativity and Well-Being to develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience, guiding clients towards realising their highest potential.

Clients learn how their mindset (their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations) shapes their lives and how to think and live in a way that allows them to thrive, whatever the circumstances.

We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it. - Barack Obama

The Meaning of Māyā:

Māyā in Sanskrit literally means “illusion” and has multiple meanings in Indian philosophies depending on the context. In ancient Vedic literature, Māyā signifies wisdom and extraordinary power. The root of the word may be man- (to think), implying the role of the Mind in the creation of reality.