The Approach

There is often a great deal of focus placed on “fixing what is broken” in individuals, whether young or old. This programme takes a different approach based on positive psychology and focuses on an individual’s strengths, talents and abilities to guide them towards realising their full potential. The teachings are consistent with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy used as a treatment in mental health.

The Infinite Possibilities Lectures

Flavia has created a popular 2-part lecture series on the nature of reality for Sixth Formers and University students. Please contact Flavia for details if you would like her to speak at an event or talk to a class or a group.

Adult Programme

Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life

Bring confidence and clarity to your life by learning the principles of a happy, fulfilling life. Learn how to move beyond old, limiting thoughts and beliefs to identify a bigger vision for your life. With a slight shift in thinking, new things become possible.

Emerge better equipped to cope with adversity and more joyful and energized to create change .

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Youth Programmes

Infinite Possiblities: I Believe in Me! Age 7-13
Infinite Possibilities: You Paint The Path! Age 14-18

These are inspirational programmes designed to develop confidence and self-esteem. Students learn how to blaze their own path and create a happy, successful life.

Learn how to feel and operate at your best more often, developing the inner resilience to enable you to thrive. Come away empowered to take full responsibility for your future and to make a difference.

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